The Lovely Oasis Pond just outside the facilities

Mind, Body & Spirit to Optimize
         *Health *Vitality * Personal Growth

Oasis Spa, Retreat, B&B:
11734 Allan Street, Stave Falls- Mission, BC

Day Spa Hours
Friday to Saturday - By appointment
Please call 604-462-7780

Getaway Packages

***will reopen March 1st, 2018***

Welcome to Oasis Spa Retreat, where you will be met by smiling faces, melodic music and warm hospitality. After settling in, enjoy the exotic ambience and unwind in the serenity of the tropical solarium.

Relax with a cup of herbal tea. You have the whole afternoon to enjoy the amenities that the area has to offer, including hiking trails, fishing, lakeside activities, etc.

Indulge yourself and try one of our famous spa massages. Have a relaxing dip in the hot tub before easing into a restful sleep. Awake to nature and a country fresh breakfast!

Join us for a lifestyle of relaxation & balance.