Rejuvenation At Cedarbrooke Chateau

Services offered By Appointment:

Oasis Spa, Retreat, B&B
Mission Stave Falls - Tuesday to Saturday

Oasis Rejuvenation Centre at The Cedarbrooke Chateau, Mission - Monday to Saturday

Wellness Therapies

Hypnotic sounds, soothing scents, healing touch...

Acupressure/ Shiatsu- Gentle to deep pressure on energy meridians with relaxation breathing and stretches, traditionally applied over clothing. Promote circulation, flexibility, lymphatic drainage, "Qi" flow, stress reduction, pain relief and healing.
60 MIN.$85 - 90 MIN.$125 - 2HR - $165

Relaxation Massage- Gentle to medium pressure, soothing, flowing gliding effleurage, petrissage, roll-ing and feathering techniques to calm the nervous system, improve oxygenation, restore peace, har-mony and sense of well-being.
30 MIN.$50 - 45 MIN.$65 -60 MIN.$80

Foot Reflexology- Based on reflexes which correspond to every muscle, joint, gland and organ of the body, applying pressure on specific reflex points will promote the natural function of the re-lated areas of the body, resulting in reduced tension, improved circulation, balance and vitality
45 Min. $60 - 60 Min. $80

•Essential Oils & Infrared add $10 •Hot Stones add $15

Health & Wellness -Integrated Therapies Teresa Yu RN
•Wellness Massage Package, Unique therapeutic approach integrating acupressure, essential oils, infrared, massage, reflexology to alleviate pain and stress, promote healing and sense of well-being. Health consultation included.
3 sessions min.
40 MIN.$65 ... 50 MIN.$75 ... 60 MIN.$85 ... 70 MIN.$95
Special Discount for Cedarbrooke residents

Integrated Relax Restore Wellness Therapy

Integrated Relax Restore Wellness Therapy,
Wellness massage and Chakra balance to relax mind and body, restore inner peace and well-being. Benefits include: Alleviate stress and tension, Assist lymph drainage and detoxification, Support healthy metabolism, immune and hormonal systems, Promotes brain health, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual wellness.
90 MIN. session $125

Tax not included in prices, Min. 24 hr. cancellation notice-

Energy Healing Jennifer Quick
Reiki Master/Teacher, Soul Realignment™ Practitioner

Reiki Healing
Energy healing given through the hands, light touch but no tissue manipulation. Benefits: deep relaxation, increased life force,    balanced body energy, reduced side effects of medication, improved sleep & immune system, stress reduction, emotional release
60 min. ... $65

Soul Reiki Session, includes basic soul realignment™ and Life Coaching. Benefits: same as Reiki session plus clarity of mind, reduced negativity, empowerment, removal of energy blocks, enhanced spiritual connection
90 min. ... $95

Deep Healing Package, 4 sessions including Soul Reiki Healing, Singing Bowl Sound Healing,  Crystal Healing and coaching
... $250

Usui Holy Fire™ Reiki Training in all Levels Canadian Reiki Association Certification, on going support, small classes, hands-on experience.
Reiki Level I ... $200      Reiki Level II ... $200
ART Master ... $600      Karuna Master ... $700
Akashic Record Readings/Healings starting at ... $200

Intuitive Life Coaching combines Soul Profiling Akashic Records and Life Coaching. We do this work with  understanding of your Soul's  Profile including your soul's specific pattern of creation. We find out exactly how you are designed to manifest at soul level.  It is an  on-going partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in personal and professional lives. 

Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings
& Life Coaching
by Appointment only call 604-557-3329

Reiki Healing 1 Hour Session $65
Let Your Spirit Shine Bright!

Optimum Model of Personal Growth Series Retreats include Workshop, Massage and  Lunch, $99 p.p.
 •’Balance’ & Goal Setting   Empowering Your Journey
 •Joyful Manifestations       Seasonal Balance & Renewal   
 •The Optimum Model, Goal Achievement & Well-Being