Rejuvenation At Cedarbrooke Chateau

Services offered By Appointment:

Oasis Spa, Retreat, B&B
Mission Stave Falls - Friday to Saturday
Alternate Wednesdays at  1111A, Austin Ave. Coquitlam BC

Oasis Rejuvenation Centre at The Cedarbrooke Chateau, Mission - Thursday to Saturday

***Winter closure till February 15, 2018***

Teresa Yu, Registered Nurse Therapist, specializes in integrating Acupressure, Detoxifying wraps,  Essential Oils,  Reflexology and Relaxation to alleviate pain and stress, promote health and healing. Teresa’s  holistic ‘ Mind Body Spirit’  approach has been her key to success in assisting clients to achieve optimal well-being.

Integrated Wellness Program

Getting healthy never felt so good!  Min. 3 sessions

Acupressure/ Shiatsu Gentle to deep pressure on energy meridians with relaxation breathing and stretches, traditionally applied over clothing. Promote circulation, flexibility, lymphatic drainage, "Qi" flow, stress reduction, pain relief and healing.                    

Reflexology Based on reflexes which correspond to every muscle, joint, gland and organ of the body, applying pressure on specific reflex points will promote reduced tension, improved circulation, balance and vitality.                     

Zen Relaxation MassageGentle to medium pressure, soothing, flowing effleurage and kneading techniques to calm the nervous system, improve oxygenation, restore peace, harmony & well-being. Can be combined with Aromatherapy and ‘Rhythm of Balance’ for energy rejuvenation.                            
40 min. ...$70, 
50 min. ...$80, 
60 min. ...$90, 
70 min. ...$100

Senior special rates    10 session package discounts.

By appointment only - 604.462.7780
Wednesday—Saturday at Oasis Rejuvenation Ctr & Retreat 11734 Allan St. Mission BC
Thursdays at Oasis Rejuvenation Centre,  32331 - 7th Ave. Mission  BC
Alternate Mondays at Oasis Wellness Centre,  1111 Austin Ave. Coquitlam BC

Personal Growth & Wellness Weekend Retreat         
 Find your balance, Optimize your vitality, Realize your dreams...