Services offered By Appointment:
Call: 604-462-7780
Oasis Retreat, Spa B&B
11734 Allan St. , Mission Stave Falls
Fridays and Saturdays

Health Wellness Services also offered at:
1111A, Austin Ave . Coquitlam BC - Alternate Wednesdays
Chartwell Cedarbrooke,
32331 7th Avenue, Mission - Thursdays

Oasis Retreat, Spa, B & B

  • Stave Falls - By Appointment
    11734 Allan Street, Mission, BC - V4S 1C9

Oasis Retreat is located approximately 75 minutes drive away from downtown Vancouver and 3 km inside the Mission border on Dewdney Trunk Road eastbound from Maple Ridge. Near the Rolley Lake area, two minutes from the General Store. Public transportation available via Transit Bus & West Coast Express.

Oasis Rejuvenation Centre

  • Chartwell Cedarbrooke - Thursdays
    32331- 7th Avenue, Mission, B.C, V2V 6T7

  • 1111A Austin Ave. Coquitlam BC - alternate Wednesdays

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604-462-7780 - Main Number
604-862-6270 - Cellular


By appointment only - 604.462.7780
Friday & Saturday at Oasis Retreat - 11734 Allan St. Mission 
Thursdays at Oasis Rejuvenation Centre, 32331 - 7th Ave. Mission BC  

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