Fall 2018

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Oasis Retreat, Spa B&B
11734 Allan St. , Mission Stave Falls
Fridays and Saturdays

Health Wellness Services also offered at:
1111A, Austin Ave . Coquitlam BC - Alternate Wednesdays
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32331 7th Avenue, Mission - Thursdays

Day-Retreats for Your Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Healing

Saturdays 10 am – 5 pm
Your choice November 10, 24, December 8, 15, 2018

Your Day Retreat Includes:
Optimum Wellness group session, Lunch, Snacks, Refreshments, plus TWO of the following Spa Wellness Treatments:

Acupressure & Wellness Massage 75 min.
Tension melting hot stones, Acupressure, Essential oils, Swedish massage to promote circulation, flexibility, lymph drainage, "Qi" flow, relaxation, pain relief and healing.

Cranial Relaxation & Reflexology 75 min.
Deeply relaxing Acupressure, cranial therapy combined with foot reflexology to relieve stress, improve circulation, oxygenation, promote balance, vitality and sense of well being.

Relaxation Back Massage & Facial 80 min.
Soothing Back massage, Facial treatment includes exfoliating deep cleanse, facial, neck and arm massage, hydrating facial mask, antioxidant toner and moisturizing treatment.

Relax Revitalize Body & Foot Spa 80 min.
Total pampering with an Exfoliating loofah and deep moisturizing coca butter body and foot scrub to melt your tension away, hydrate and tone Body and Foot mask, treatment followed by a relaxing full body massage.

Relaxation & PEMF Therapy 80 min.
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field and Light Therapy to relieve pain and stress, increase blood circulation, promote cellular vitality and accelerate the body’s natural healing abilities. Combined with a quantum touch for energy balancing and total relaxation.

Reiki Relaxation & Healing 80 min.
Energy healing given through the hands, light touch but no tissue manipulation. Benefits: relaxation, increased life force, balanced body energy, improved sleep and immune system, stress reduction and emotional release.

$275 per person, GST not included.
Advance registration required. Call 604-462-7780 to book now!

Early Bird Special: 10% off when you register 2 weeks before Retreat Date, and an additional 5% off when you bring friend.

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