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Integrated Wellness Program

A unique, natural, effective support to vitality and healing, this program offers health consultation to assess the client’s needs, concerns; supports the client to practice positive focus and healthy lifestyle.  Treatments may be combined with essential oils, herbs, infrared therapy, Rhythm & Balance breathing and relaxation techniques to optimize benefits.

Program benefits health conditions including addiction recovery, anxiety, arthritis, back pain, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, insomnia, IBS, menopause, migraine, thyroid, and immune disorders.

Integrated Wellness Program
(Min. 3 treatment sessions)

• Acupressure therapy, Gentle to firm digital, palm or fist pressure along the body's energy points and meridians resulting in release of endorphins and enkephalins to alleviate stress, pain and tension, improve circulation and lymphatic drainage,  unblock and balance "Qi" flow in cells and vital organs, enhance natural vitality, healing and rejuvenation.

Reflexology & Foot Massage, Application of medium pressure on specific reflex points on the feet which correspond to muscles, joints, glands, and vital body organs to reduce tension, improve circulation, detoxification, balance, and vitality.

• Relaxation Zen Massage Medium to light pressure soothing body massage combining gliding strokes, pressing, rolling and squeezing of muscles, gentle feathering and tapping techniques to calm the nervous system, relieve tension and stress, improve circulation, harmony, and well-being.

  $90 | 45 min.
$110 | 60 min.
$130 | 75 min.
$150 | 90 min.

Senior & 6 Session Package Discounts

Optimum Model Personal Growth Program

Integrating Coaching & Bodywork to empower you to Optimum

• Tune in to Balance,  Relaxation,  Rejuvenation

• Empower your journey through Self-awareness

• Optimize Mind Body Spirit Joyful connections

• Create Your Vision and Manifest your dreams

4 sessions $495 | 75 min. per session


Addiction Recovery Support Program

This program offers consultation to assess client’s needs, concerns, wellness goals in addiction recovery. Client will receive the listed treatments as indicated by client’s needs.  Treatments may be combined with herbal and essential oils, infrared therapy, relaxation breathing rhythms and stress management techniques to support the client to practice positive focus and healthy lifestyle. 

This One-on-One, 8 session program focuses on Mind Body Spirit Wellness in support of natural healing processes in physical and emotional aspects promoting addiction recovery.   

This program does not replace medical supervision and treatments prescribed by clients' health care providers.
Clients are encouraged to consult with the physician regarding health concerns and conditions.

8 week Fall/ Winter program
Weekly Sessions on Fridays or Saturdays – OCT 30 to DEC 19, 2020
One on One - 8 sessions, Sessions are from 2.5 hours to 3 hours
Please register by Oct. 28th -  Cost $2650 + GST                                                                                                                               

Session 1
Consultation to assess client’s needs, concerns and wellness goals, Relaxation massage to alleviate anxiety, stress and promote well-being.

Session 2
Consultation to develop action plan for stress and pain management, healthy life style choices and positive focus support. Acupressure therapy to promote balance, relaxation, vitality and healing. 

Session 3
Consultation and Empowering you to tune in to balance,  relaxation,  rejuvenation. Reflexology to reduce tension, improve circulation, detoxification, balance, and vitality. 

Session 4
Total Renewal Wellness Treatment integrating Acupressure therapy, Reflexology, Relaxation massage and  detoxifying Salt glow body scrub.  

Session 5
Consultation and Empowering your healing journey through developing Self-awareness and Mind Body Spirit Joyful connections

Session 6
Total Renewal Wellness Treatment integrating Acupressure therapy, Reflexology, Relaxation Body massage and Rejuvenating Facial.  

Session 7
Consultation and Empowering you to tune into Rhythm of balance,  relaxation, rejuvenation, Acupressure therapy and Relaxation massage to promote tension release and healing. 

Session 8
Consultation to Manifest your Mind Body Spirit Positive Focus towards Addiction Recovery. Relax Revitalize Back, Facial and Scalp massage to promote blissful peace, harmony and well-being.


Director: Teresa Yu - Registered Nurse, (Dual Trained in Mental Health)
**Winner of the Myrtle Evertt 2012 Woman of the Year Award.**

Teresa is also a certified Acupressure Therapist, Reflexology, Holistic massage, Practitioner and specializes in Relaxation,
Rejuvenation Full Body massages.                                                                               

Teresa brings with her over 15 years of experience in the field of Medical and Psychiatric Nursing as well as holistic therapies.
Teresa practices the integrated wellness approach and supportive, solution-focused coaching to promote health
and healing of body, mind, and spirit.                                                                         

Teresa has participated at Wellness Fairs, Pharmasave Live Well Clinics, and offers ongoing Wellness programs in medical facilities
and community centres throughout the Lower Mainland. Teresa is totally dedicated to empowering others to optimize their health and wellness.



ACUPRESSURE - Therapy of gentle but firm digital pressure, palm pressure, or fist pressure on the pressure points along the body's energy paths, or meridians, including the 12 energy meridians and reflexatory channels. This technique causes release of endorphins and enkephephalins to alleviate the pain response, release muscle tension, increase circulation and lymphatic drainage, influence the major organs and allow "Qi" to flow without blockage, thus allowing the cells to carry out their curative and regeneration processes to balance the flow of energy, enhance natural vitality, and promote healing and rejuvenation.

RELAXATION MASSAGE - Therapy of relaxation, breathing and systemic manipulation of muscles and skin involving effleurage, gliding, strokes, friction strokes, percussion, petrissage, passive joint manipulation, and stretches. Aim to bring relaxation, balance and well-being to mobilize stiff joints, to improve circulation, to promote elimination of waste products from the body and to aid the prevention and recovery of minor soft tissue problems.

REFLEXOLOGY - Non-invasive therapy of stimulating reflexes in the hands and feet and ears through the medium of touch, which corresponds to every part, gland and organ of the body to promote stress reduction, improving circulation and relaxation. Tender spots can be an indication of imbalance in the associated parts of the body - and applying reflexology techniques to these areas can bring improvement and balance.

Herbal and Essential oils derived from botanicals and used alone or in adjunction with above treatments to enhance the effects of relaxation, detoxification, rejuvenation and healing.


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