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teresayuTeresa Yu, Registered Nurse Therapist, specializes in integrating Acupressure, Detoxifying wraps, Essential Oils, Reflexology and Relaxation to alleviate pain and stress, promote health and healing.

Teresa’s holistic 'Mind - Body - Spirit’ approach has been her key to success in assisting clients to achieve optimal well-being.


Integrated Wellness Program

The Integrated Wellness Program offers a unique, natural, effective, holistic and supportive approach to health and vitality. It is one of the most powerful tools to awaken and optimize the body's natural healing processes in all physical and emotional aspects.

Some common conditions that can benefit from regular treatments include:

• Neck & Shoulder pain • Back pain • Muscle strain
• Tendonitis • Sciatica • Migraine
• Headache • Sinusitis • Allergies
• Arthritis • Fibromyalgia • Thyroid
• Immune Disorders • Menopause • Weight Gain
• Diabetes • Hypertension • Vascular Disorders
• Chronic Fatigue • Irritable bowel • Eating Disorders
• Stress / Anxiety • Insomnia • Panic Attacks
• Depression • Obsessive compulsive disorders • Crisis Situations

Treatment needs are identified from history taking, assessment of presenting signs and symptoms, underlying causes and health conditions. Treatment programs are based on client's needs, concerns and goals.

Getting healthy never felt so good!  
Min. 3 sessions

• Health Assessment, Consultation, Identifying Treatment Goals.

• Acupressure therapy, Gentle to deep pressure on energy meridians with relaxation breathing and stretches. Promotes circulation, flexibility, lymphdrainage, "Qi" flow, stress/ pain relief and healing.

• Reflexology, Applying pressure on specific reflex points which correspond to every muscle, joint, gland and organ of the body, promotes reduced tension, improved circulation, balance, vitality.

• Relaxation therapies: 
- Soothing body massage with healing essential oils to decongest traumatized body tissues, calm the nervous system, improve oxygenation, promote tissue healing.
- Infrared therapy, promotes deep relaxation, circulation, oxygenation, tissue detoxification and pain relief.
- PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy) to relief pain, promote circulation, vitality and natural healing.

• Health Support, Coaching client to practice self care, positive focus and healthy life style choices.

• Empowering Personal Growth and Joyful Manifestations

45 min. $80

60 min. $95

75 min. $110

90 min. $125

Minimum 3 sessions. Senior & Health Package Discounts available.


I believe that acupressure helped me with 12 chemo sessions with very few side effects. C.B.

The breathing exercises have greatly reduced my severe migraines. K.B.

Treatment has been effective in helping to deal with depression and tension. The support for at home care have been invaluable. W.S.

Since treatments I have been able to walk more, have less swelling in joints and have totally eliminated pain medications and anti-inflammatories. I believe in reflexology and lymphatic drainage. I have also lost weight and become much more emotionally well. C.P.

Thank you so much for your support in giving up my life long addiction to smoking cigarettes. The 4 sessions I received helped tremendously in overcoming my addiction. J.A.

My counseling sessions with Teresa Yu have taught me great learning tools that I can use in everyday life. I learned how to cope with present day situations and turn them into something positive. M.K.

Your thoughtfulness and insight, support and encouragement have been vital in my regaining strength to continue each day. The breathing techniques are extremely helpful and I find myself using the lessons you have shared with me on a daily basis. S.F.

I have noted a great improvement in both my lower back and my shoulders. You have been able to move my calcified tendonitis shoulders into a range of positions that I never thought possible. L.B.

After 2 short months of your wonderful treatments I am experiencing so many benefits which include: an increase in energy, a loss of inches, a clearer complexion, improved bladder function, a calmer, more optimistic frame of mind. K.G.

I was recently diagnosed with M.S. Teresa’s therapy is holistic in the true sense of the word. I have never felt so beautiful, relaxed and ready to overcome any obstacle in my way. S.M.

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