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Oasis Spa, Retreat, B&B:
11734 Allan Street, Stave Falls- Mission, BC
Day Spa Hours
Friday to Saturday - By appointment
Please call 604-462-7780

More than a spa, Oasis Retreat is Your Sanctuary for Tranquility, Inspiration and Renewal! 
Love Yourself, Spa at Oasis!

Relaxing infrared, healing Essential Oils, tension melting Swedish Massage, revitalizing Acupressure therapy — the absolute best for your total renewal


Deep cleanse, Exfoliate, Purifying and Hydrating mask, Anti-aging serum, Toning and firming massage. A total skin renewal to bring out the radiance in you!


Add on: Revitalizing Scalp Massage 15 min


Energy healing given through the hands, light touch but no tissue manipulation.
Benefits: relaxation, increased life force, balanced body energy, improved sleep and immune system, stress reduction, emotional release.


Includes basic soul realignment™ and Life Coaching.
Benefits: same as Reiki healing plus clarity of mind, reduced negativity, empowerment, removal of energy blocks, enhanced spiritual connection.


I believe that acupressure helped me with 12 chemo sessions with very few side effects. C.B.

The breathing exercises have greatly reduced my severe migraines. K.B.

Treatment has been effective in helping to deal with depression and tension. The support for at home care have been invaluable. W.S.

Since treatments I have been able to walk more, have less swelling in joints and have totally eliminated pain medications and anti-inflammatories. I believe in reflexology and lymphatic drainage. I have also lost weight and become much more emotionally well. C.P.

Thank you so much for your support in giving up my life long addiction to smoking cigarettes. The 4 sessions I received helped tremendously in overcoming my addiction. J.A.

My counseling sessions with Teresa Yu have taught me great learning tools that I can use in everyday life. I learned how to cope with present day situations and turn them into something positive. M.K.

Your thoughtfulness and insight, support and encouragement have been vital in my regaining strength to continue each day. The breathing techniques are extremely helpful and I find myself using the lessons you have shared with me on a daily basis. S.F.

I have noted a great improvement in both my lower back and my shoulders. You have been able to move my calcified tendonitis shoulders into a range of positions that I never thought possible. L.B.

After 2 short months of your wonderful treatments I am experiencing so many benefits which include: an increase in energy, a loss of inches, a clearer complexion, improved bladder function, a calmer, more optimistic frame of mind. K.G.

I was recently diagnosed with M.S. Teresa’s therapy is holistic in the true sense of the word. I have never felt so beautiful, relaxed and ready to overcome any obstacle in my way. S.M.

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